Andalucia - Spain - 2004

During a holiday in 2004 my wife and visited Andalucia in a 9 day travel.

Andalusia (Spanish: Andalucía) is an autonomous community of Spain. It has been fought over by numerous cultures since the earliest times of civilization. Andalusi´s brilliant Islamic, Renaissance and especially Baroque architecture of its most important buildings, castles, fortresses and monasteries scattered across the whole of the region constitute a patrimony of immense significance. The homeland of Velázquez, Murillo, and Picasso has paintings, sculptures, jewels, and archaeological remains shared among its cathedrals, museums, churches, convents, and palaces. Even in the most distant location, it is possible to find a painted masterpiece or the most elaborate work of a master goldsmith.

Andalusia covers 17.3% of Spanish territory, 87,268 km² in total, making it the largest single region, with an area greater than countries such as Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland.

In Andalusia, contrasts are the norm. The diversity of the landscapes which make up the region provides an entire spectrum: from the warm Guadalquivir valley, to leafy low mountain areas, from volcanic landscapes such as the Tabernas Desert to the white peaks of Sierra Nevada.





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